Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching. What is it?

A marriage coach is someone who focuses on people in a marital relationship specifically. A marriage coach helps those in a marital relationship learn about how to best embrace each other as partners

What does a marriage coach do?

Coaching focuses on the present and moving forward with coaches as facilitators. You will learn to better understand one another and discover solutions for your specific issues together. Coaches help couples move from where they are to where they want to be and recognize that each marriage is different.

Why married, re-married, dating, single, and engaged couples choose me.

My name is Alisa Sane, Founder & CEO of 90 Day Health & Life Coach. But I’m also a devoted wife to Moussa, and a loving mother to Kaitlyn, whose 18. My marriage has always been very important me. The way I communicate, the way I hold and respect my husband so deeply, it feels almost like a fire burning inside me daily. Our relationship over the next 20 years has been the most exciting, liberating, intimate, conversational, and focus explosion of my life. We speak to each other so intently. Love so harmoniously, and believe in each other abilities to reach depth in communication, and spirituality effectively we’re best friends, and lovers.

As with all marriages in the early years we we’re getting to know each other, and respecting boundaries sometimes overlapping with cultural differences. See I’m African-American, and he’s African, from West Africa, Dakar Senegal. People say never meet your man in a club, and guess what I did June 20,2002 and we we’re married less than a year later. Just celebrated our 19th anniversary on May 16, 2022. A course we had our ups and down but throughout our marriage communication, intimacy, and respect for the institute of marriage has always been the same.

Sometimes, we as women want the last word or we may nag as our husbands my say. I challenge you to listen more, lean into him, hear his heart and voice and if it doesn’t harm you believe in his delivery of your goals together.

Sometimes, men may want to control every move their wife, fiancé, or girlfriend make. I challenge you to release her. Let her live, honor and respect her destiny because she’s with you. She’s given her heart to you as well as her body. She feels your control but it will only suffocate her and make her fearful of your intentions, and not trust you.

As a marriage coach, I can help guide you to the place in your relationship you want to be. I can teach you better communication skills, help you lean into your relationship with positivity, and release pinned up emotions and frustration about love making and sex.

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I can help you rebuild passion, hope, and confusion related to communication gaps in your relationship. Let me help you or both of you find bliss.

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